Coronavirus, Spike protein, Instagram (20200514)
コロナウイルス  スパイクタンパク質  インスタグラム (2020年5月14日)
[Coronavirus, Spike protein (S protein)]

Coronaviruses membranes are covered by interstitial proteins called Spike proteins (S proteins). It is because of these superficial proteins that coronaviruses get their name (“corona” means “crown” in Latin). 

The spike protein is formed by gathering three units with the same shape.
I used three colors to make it easier to understand, each color representing each unit.

Spike proteins of coronaviruses bind to receptors on the surface of host cells such as human cells, and serve as a stepping stone to enter cells.

The gene of this protein mutates frequently, and therefore the shape of the spike protein constantly changes. And sometimes viruses become very infectious or harmful.

In this illustration, I tried to express the process of converting a three-dimensional structure that is close to the actual shape into a simple illustration.
I am practicing every day so that I can draw with a taste that matches the object and situation to convey information! I hope you enjoy the process of simplifying :)

[コロナウイルス  スパイクタンパク質 (Sタンパク質)]





情報を伝える対象や状況に合わせたテイストで描けるように、日々練習中です!イラストがシンプルになっていく過程を楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいです :) 
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