Sara Kobayashi
I am a scientific illustrator/infographic video creator, living in Japan. I love science, especially biology!
I majored in Biology, belonging to the science communication group at University of Tsukuba, Japan. I got into scientific illustration/animation when I was a 4th year undergraduate student, and visited art professors at the university to ask some advise.  I started to create scientific illustration/animation video while I was researching about Influenza A virus in the lab. After I graduated, I started to work at International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), University of Tsukuba as a PR staff. From June 2019, I became a freelance artist.
I'd love to collaborate with researchers, science communicators, writers, artists, and so on! Let's enjoy science together :)

1994/06 Born in Inawashiro, Fukushima
2017/03 Graduate from University of Tsukuba (Biology)
2017/11 - 2019/05 PR staff in International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), University of Tsukuba
2019/06 - Freelance
Job : Illustration (scientific, especially life sciences & molecular biology/non-scientific) / Animation / Logo design / Poster design / etc. (Feel free to contact even regarding other fields than life sciences & molecular biology!)
Language : Japanese (mother tongue) / English

小林 沙羅 (コバヤシ サラ)

1994/06 福島県猪苗代町生まれ
2017/03 筑波大学生命環境学群生物学類 卒業  卒業研究テーマ「ウイルスポリメラーゼを標的とした新規抗インフルエンザ薬の作用機序解析」
2017/11 - 2019/05 筑波大学 国際統合睡眠医科学研究機構 (WPI-IIIS) 広報担当
2019/06 - フリーランスとして独立

業務内容:イラスト (科学関連*/その他) / アニメーション / ロゴデザイン / ポスターデザイン /  記事の執筆 / 他...
言語:日本語 (母国語) / 英語​​​​​​​
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